What is the reason for the WBC in the urine?


White blood cells found in the excretion urine is not something which is common; it is a symbol or symptom that says that there is something wrong inside the body. When this problem occurs the person should immediately consult the doctor and know what the problem is. The white blood cells are normally sterile and many tests will be conducted to find out the reason for the presence of white blood cells.

Presence of white blood cells:

The white blood cells present in urine detection can be found out in two ways, the first method is to find out by way of microscope and the next is to use the strip indicator. Both of these are done in the labs and they will show the accurate presence of the WBC in the urine of a person. The reason or causes for the WBC presence in urine may be any of the following:

Urinary tract infection: If the presence of WBC is due to the UTI then it is easy and simple to treat this problem. The tract of the urine encompasses mainly the 3 organs – kidneys, bladder and urethra. The main symptoms of the urinary tract infection are vomiting, fever, painful and frequent urination. This can be found out easily as they not only have WBC in them but it also nitrites. You will get this problem when the bacteria enter into your urethra when you have an intercourse.

Kidney problem: WBC will be present if the person is having some kidney problem. In this case there will also be protein and RBC in the blood cells so as to cause another result of high Urobilinogen in urine sometimes. The culprit for this problem is the kidney stones. This stone will block the path of the urinary tract. There may also be a tumor. When diagnosed with this problem, treatment should be given immediately or else the disease will become worse.

Bladder infection: Any person suffering with the bladder infection also will suffer from this problem and the urine will become cloudy or mucus (read this) in this case. Pregnant women are more prone to get affected with this infection.

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