What is Brazilian Hair Removal?

If you have heard your friends saying they are going for a Brazilian bikini wax then they are using a Brazilian hair removal system. But what exactly is it? Brazilian bikini waxes have been around for years, originating in the US in 1987 in New York. It is different from a regular bikini wax as it removes everything from front to back and in between.

More women than men get Brazilian waxes, and you will find that more salons will only do women because their female technicians are uncomfortable doing male genital hair removal. An experienced technician will be able to do the job in ten minutes and it should last three to six weeks.

So what is really involved in Brazilian hair removal?

  • When you go in for your appointment you will be asked if you want a Brazilian Wax or a Brazilian Hollywood Wax. The regular Brazilian wax leaves a thin strip of hair on the pubic region while the Hollywood removes it all. Here is another article on how to remove pubic ingrown hair easily.
  • You will then be asked to remove all of your clothes from the waist down. You lie on a bed, legs raised and a light and magnifying glass are positioned at the area.  This will help every tiny hair to be seen (you will feel like you are more exposed here than you will be at your doctors).
  • Then hot wax will be spooned onto the areas of hair to be removed, covered with a porous cloth and then this is pulled off swiftly, leaving the area smooth.

Whether it is waxing or other forms of Brazilian hair removal, the idea and principal are the same. If it is under the bikini or may show next to the bikini it is removed. With the small amount of fabric that is used in bikinis today removing all hair in the pubic region is a good thing to do if you’re wearing one.

Brazilian hair removal has moved up in technology as well with laser hair removal. If you want permanent hair removal in your bikini area laser hair removal is the way to go. The hair can be permanently stopped from growing within four to six sessions.

Brazilian hair removal has also been achieved with depilatory creams and electrolysis as well. No matter what method you choose the desired effect is the same – a smooth bikini area.

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