Michael Jackson – Life with vitiligo

Michael Jackson was last seen doing antique shopping from a Beverly Hills store on 22 April. Michael Jackson has this skin disease of white patches, vitiligo and was advised by the doctor to protect his skin and avoid to disposing it to the sun, Michael Jackson find out about this disease vitiligo back in 1986. Regardless of Beverly’s hot 38 degree temperature, Michael Jackson was wearing a scarf, a medical mask, along with a black hat and a long sleeve jacket for protection.

The Pop star accompanied with his security has shopped for a while buying antiques and jewelry, he reached to Beverly Hill Store while taking a break from preparation of his imminent London tour. Now a day the Michael Jackson is working with Kenny Ortega a famous choreographer learning new dance steps and ballet for his upcoming concert in O2 Arena in London coming summer.

Yesterday when Michael Jackson reached to sound stage near Burbank Airport where he practiced and rehearsed for at least six hours and 4 days a week. All eyes are on Michael Jackson as this is his first tour in 12 years.

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Brian Crosby is a vitiligo sufferer and he writes voluntarily for articles. Brian is also passionate about technology. He maintains a page for vitiligo on face,

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